A new dialog children-grandparents.

    A tree is alive to the extent that it has roots , stem and crown. Can we call living tree roots lacking ?! 
Elders are the roots from which we have drawn the sap of life. How to see themselves healthy 
who cut their roots mercilessly ,leaving wanderers , windswept devastating ?! When looking for the root 
crown , it gradually loses its leaves , dries and nemairodind .
   This was the lesson that received - a kindergarten children no.239 in collaboration with the 
Association of Suicidologie ,through work at the Centre for Socio - medical services in 
Bucharest on 15 XII. 2014.It was a meeting between generations ,children, parents and grandparents,
in which , for two hours , they recited and sang carols together. It was a gift given with love heart
by children grandparentsFlorin a young disabled delighted with his voice and soul grandparents 
left a door open to normality.

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