“The National Interdisciplinary Conference: Stress, Anxiety, Depression”

The representants of “Association of Suicidology” , Adela Serghievici, dr.Elena Branaru, had perticipated in 8 – 9 May 2015 at “National Interdisciplinary Conference: Stress, Anxiety, Depression” (S.A.D.). There are three incentives which need an interdisciplinary approach. This event was created and organised by “The Company of Medical Communications”, Houston NPA.

In the two days of work communications (8 – 9 May), the conference reunited over 300 participants (225 physicians: 115 psychiatrists, 73 general practitioners (family doctors), 10 medical recovery, 27 other specialities, 50 psychologists, psychoherapeuts, 22 nurses,  7 pharmacists).This confirmed the need for information of medical community for some complex subjects, viewed as interdisciplinary approach.

The conference adgenda, included 20 themes, updated and sustained by lectors from many medical specialities as: psychiatry, family medicine, neuropsychiatry, public health, internal medicine, geriatrics and also connected specialities as: psychology, psychotherapy, sociology

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