Two members of “Association of Suicidology” have runned at Bucharest Half marathon – popular race – 2015

On 17-th May 2015, over 10.000 runners from 50 countries, participated at the International Half marathon in Bucharest. Two of them, repesented The Association of Suicidology and  Hot-line for prevention of suicide 116123. They are Adrian Sarbu (no. of T-shirt 450), founder member of our association and Florin Murat (no. of T-shirt 2040) and want to deemonstrate that life is precious and deserve to be lived, that hope exists, even when sorroww seems to be a huge obstacle, and there are persons who offer their unconditionated help. This type of persons can be found at phone 116123, by those who believe that life don’t must be lived.

Halt marathon from Bucharest, organised by “Bucharest Running Club Association”, is an event dedicated to popular sports and to those types of runners as: popular race (3,5 KM), individual race (10,5 km), relay (21 km, team of four persons), and half marathon (21 km).