A New Conference with Family Physicians

Mental Health Group of SNMF in cooperation with Association of Suicidology had the wonderful experience of sustaining The Workshop of Mental Health, focusing on the subject of The Elements of Psychosomatic in Childhood and Adolescence. The main issues were about the risk of depression and the risk of suicide.
The activities of the workshop took place at Grigore Alexandrescu Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children. The number of medical participants was very impressive.
Invited Speakers: MD-PhD Coriolan Ulmeanu, Dr. Elena Brănaru, Dr. Irina Florescu, Psychologist Andreea Manolache, Dr. Irina Radu and Dr. Ileana Efrim.

The Workshop of Mental Health was organized by the Association of Family Physicians of Bucharest and Ilfov in collaboration with Association of Suicidology. The workshop has been accredited EMC by the Bucharest College of Physicians.

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