Life is a gift and it’s important to treat it gently!.

World Suicide Prevention Day it is celebrated every year on September 10th since 2003. This initiative is supported by The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and World Health Organization (WHO).
Sunday, on September 10th, the representatives of Association of Suicidology and General Directorate of Social Assistance of Bucharest, together with the volunteer members of The Center of Suicide Prevention of Alexandru Obregia Clinical Psychiatric Hospital attended to an event. This event took place in Tineretului Park. The main purpose was to inform and to sensitize the population. To remind people that it is vital to show that we all care about other people and that we can take action in some circumstances.
In the evening it was an emotional and profound moment when friends and families of the ones who comitted suicide came by and lighted candles for the soul of the loved ones.