The Second National Suicide Prevention Conference – Chisinau

The representants of the Association of Suicidology (Elena Branaru and Flori Popa), alongside Adrian Sarbu (DGASMB), and Jeppe KristenToft from Denmark, as special guests, honored the Conference, which took place on April 14-th 2016. The Conference was organised by The Association “Altruism” with the support of he US Embassy, the project “Suicide Prevention Resource Center


Between March 24 to 27, was held in Bucharest, “The National Conference of Family Medicine”, XII-th edition, under the name: “Family Medicine – delicate balance between science, art and communication”. The organizers are Association of Family Medicine Bucharest – Ilfov (AMFB) and the National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF). The Group of Mental Health of

Preventing and Combating Violence

Adela Serghiescu and Andreea Gavrilas, as represents of The Association of Suicidology, responded to the invitation of The General Directorate of Social Assistance Bucharest and Caritas Association Bucharest, at the meeting of consultation of relevant actors in preventing and combating violence to identify both relevant resources in the field, as well as existing problems in

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Elena Branaru, president of the Association of Suicidology, thanks volunteers to their staff dedication, consistency in actions, professionalism, delicacy and enthusiasm in achieving our objectives. Respect for your attitude ! A NEW YEAR full of joy accomplishments and personal achievements.

Regional Conference of Family Medicine

Between 11 to 13 December 2015, ” The Center for Suicide Prevention in Children and Adolescents” , represented by dr.Elena Branaru, followed the invitation of “The Association of Family Physicians” Bucharest, the debate session, which also  included future projects for the two specialties, family medicine and psychiatry. The works of Regional Conference scored timely topics


“Suicide Prevention Center in Children and Adolescents”, represented by dr.Elena Branaru, responded to the invitation of Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Romania, to participate in the symposium “Personality without anxiety” held on November 26 2015, at Sky Tower. The topics addressed were referring to anxiety management, the unmet needs and future research and the implications of anxiety at

Application of ASEBA tests in schools will ontinue in the school year 2015 – 2016

” The School Inspectorate”  in Bucharest, acepted this activity of volunteers from ” Association of Suicidology “, in prevention of suicide in children and adolescents, for the school year 2015 – 2016. ” Association of Suicidology” thanks to resposiveness of parents from ” Iulia Hasdeu ” National College and for confidence due to the ”


Psyhologist Alina Tudoran, volunteer at the Centre for Suicide Prevention in Children and Adolescents and member of the Sucidologie Association, was invited by the team DiGi24, on Sunday 04.10.2015. The event was broadcasted at 13,30 hour. Many thanks to television for their support in our activity.